I specialize in custom designs and modern photography in Knoxville/Kingsport, Tennessee and surrounding areas. Tennessee and my family have my heart, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

nice to meet you


I love coffee, have horrible handwriting, and am waiting for the day I get a southern accent. Oh yeah, and I’m addicted to taking photos.


On most days, you will find me chasing my toddler around. When I’m not cleaning up crayons or organizing toys for the zillionth time, you will find me pursuing my passion - art.


I strive to capture the unique moments in life, because that’s the real stuff our lives are held together by. It’s a family getting their photos taken for the first time, and it’s their child dancing in the rain. It’s the first kiss and the tears on the bride and groom’s faces as they stand at the altar. It’s siblings tickling each other, and a brotherly kiss. It’s parents sneaking off for a few private moments, and it’s a big family group hug. It’s everyone smiling at the camera - except the baby. It’s your family members’ unique personalities - captured by me for you to always enjoy. It’s perfectly imperfect - and it’s your life. Right now.


Twenty years from now you will look back at photos from your session, and you will remember this time in your life. And you will smile (or cry!).


And that, my friend, is why I love what I do.